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Induce is a VR development team with young coders and "middle age" VR-veterans focused on cutting edge full immersive virtual reality experience developments for our international clients. We develop games -mostly "serious VR games" - and VR simulations and medical vr solutions. Induce team members a veterans in the virtual reality market, startet 20 years ago creating the first virtual set studio for television. Based on most expensive computer hardware like Silicon Graphics Onyx workstation (Silicon Studio concept) we cooperate with a worldwide network of developers to made this first virtual reality experience for a tv audience happened. After a long "VR winter" the kickstarter company  Oculus Inc. reinvented VR with the investment of Facebook and growth rapidly during 2014 from 40 to approx. 300 VR experts. The forecast of the new virtual reality industry is more than optimistic. Most of our clients have no idea how to use the huge power of the new VR technology. We decide to create a separate department for beta testing of new hardware and devices and setup a VR-LAB, where clients are able to test VR-demos, games and simulations to be able to associate own approaches for their business. The VR-LAB contains all new HMDs like Oculus Rift DK2 and CV1, VR One Zeiss (2015), VR Gear Samsung (2015) and many others and sensor based interfaces like Leap Motion, ToF cameras and omnidirectional mills like The Virtualizer (2015) and haptic interfaces.  For us Video ist still an important element in the future content mix of virtual reality. One of the most exciting approaches to mix reality and virtual reality is Magic Leap. In the last months there was a significant step supported by French developer colleges to live stream 360 degree video) without post and stiching. We are supporting the new open source OSVR plattform (Razer) and working with Unity3D and Unreal. Do not hesitate to contact us. VR maybe a new opportunity to grow you business and support your brand...

Plateau of Productivity

About us

Since 1995 we have gained experience in film- and TV productions. In 1997 we made concepts and realized the first virtual reality studio for RTL Television. Since then we were involved in a range of realtime special effects in film, video and internet projects. Focus is the cutting edge spirit of new technologies and to offer real solutions. induceprojects creates single purpose units to support clients in the most efficient way. We are focused on edge technology in the field of virtual realtime projects, internet and mobile events. In 2011 and 2014 we installed 5 AR+ Systems europewide for events and themeparks. We are developing partners of Total Immersion, Oculus, Leap Motion, Kinect etc. and focusing the growing VR-market für serious games,business simulation,VR online cooperation and medical solutions.


With our techology consulting and projects development we are strictly following the Gertner Hype Cycle modell and lead our clients and projects to the "plateau of productivity":


Terry Flew states that hypes (generally the enthusiastic and strong feeling around new forms of media and technology in which we expect they will modify everything for the better) surrounding new media technologies and their popularization, along with the development of the Internet, is a common characteristic. But following shortly after the period of 'inflated expectations', as per the diagram above, the new media technologies quickly fall into a period of disenchantment, which is the end of the primary, and strongest, phase of hype.


Gartner´s Hype Circle

1. The categories that occur in the emergence of any new technology:

2. Technology trigger. A breakthrough, public demonstration, product launch or other event that generates significant press and industry interest.

3. Peak of inflated expectations. a phase of overenthusiasm and unrealistic projections during which a flurry of publicized activity by technology leaders results in some successes but more failures as the technology is pushed to its limits. The only enterprises making money at this stage are conference organizers and magazine publishers.


4. Trough of disillusionment. The point at which the technology becomes unfashionable and the press abandons the topic, because the technology did not live up to its overinflated expectations.


5. Slope of enlightenment. Focused experimentation and solid hard work by an increasingly diverse range of organizations lead to a true understanding of the technology's applicability, risks and benefits. Commercial off-the-shelf methodologies and tools become available to ease the development process.


6. Plateau of productivity. The real-world benefits of the technology are demonstrated and accepted. Tools and methodologies are increasingly stable as they enter their second and third generation. The final height of the plateau varies according to whether the technology is broadly applicable or only benefits a niche market.



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