360 VR videos 

How does 360 VR video work ?

Capturing & 360 live streaming

360 camera systems record the full  360°×180° field of view … By using multiple cameras with overlapping fields of view, it is possible to record an entire 360×180 degree field. Compact cameras with excellent image quality and wide angle lenses are best suited for this purpose and building arrays of GoPro cameras have proved an efficient solution to record 360 video. A completly new option is the 360 camera from French developer Giroptic. The new camera does the stiching job live without postproduction is needed. A add on modul allows directly live streaming with 360 degree. 

Video Stiching

 360 camera footage is processed into a spherical video …Interact with content by literally exploring the 360 video.

Stitching turns the individual videos into a single, high resolution, seemless panoramic video.The resulting video typically covers 360×180° field of view in a “world map” style of geometric projection at 4K resolution. Other geometric projections and resolutions can be targeted, like the cool looking “little planet” effect, or circular fisheye for immersive dome theaters. The f features allow us to produce stunning 360 videos and get the best out of you 360 camera rig :  Input synchronisation, exposure and white balance, anti vibration stabilisation, orientation control.