Leap Motion

 full immersive virtual hands

We combine the Leap Motion Controller and Oculus Rift (DK2) and based of the new SDK they will working together. Now we can develop for you  the next generation of full immersive VR experience.

With wide-angled lenses that extend beyond the Oculus Rift's stereo displays, the Leap Motion Controller can see your hands before you do.

Augment your reality with infrared night-vision capabilities. Switch between the real and virtual worlds without skipping a beat – or blend them together.

the Leap Motion controller is a small device which is designed to interact using two monochromatic IR cameras and three infrared LEDs. The LEDs generate a 3D pattern of dots of IR light and the cameras generate almost 300 frames per second of reflected data, which is then sent through a USB cable to app and computer. Our apps are analyzing the position of hands and figures by comparing the 2D frames generated by the two cameras. We are using Leap Motion interface for entertainment, art and business projects. Specially projects with children using their hands intuitively to create or manipulate objects show a very unique and different way to use creativity. We can offer you the development of your own leap motion experience wheater for business and cutting edge presentation needs or art installations in museums.