Morpheus (SONY)

Photo source: SONY

Sony HMD focused on Playstation

Apparently Sony has also been experimenting with a own HMD it behind closed doors. Sony revealed its Project Morpheus VR prototype at GDC 2014, saying it was the culmination of over three years of work (the headset will double as an upcoming developer kit).  The main component of both Oculus' and Sony’s machines is a head-mounted display (HMD), but their designs differ greatly and evoke distinct styles. Oculus’ newest headset is slightly more svelte than the two previous models, trading in the original pointed edges for curved ones. While it’s still a pair of large, black goggles with an embedded screen sitting on your face, this one looks slightly less intimidating. Sony has tried its hand at VR in the past, but Project Morpheus is the first with a polished look and a build that’s similar to the Rift. The headset looks like a pair of cyborg-esque ski goggles that wrap around the face, the edges rimmed with silver and emitting the recognizable PlayStation blue light.The company also claims Morpheus will provide a more immersive experience. Unlike the Rift that only has LEDs for tracking on the front and sides of the headset, Morpheus has tracking technology all around it, allowing the camera to track the movement of the entire device. The company is also working on 3D binaural technology that could recreate stereoscopic sounds in real time, and the headset is supposed to be comfortable enough that it won’t put excess weight on your nose or cheeks. When we demoed Project Morpheus, it was comfortable to wear; while it did fog up after some time, it did a decent job blocking out light.The headset is currently connected to a PS4 by a 5-meter-long cable, but Sony eventually wants it to be wireless. The same camera that tracks the PS4 Move controllers tracks the headset and how you move in space, and we found in our demo that the position tracking was good, although not totally precise — you could feel like you’re drifting away as the pictures in front of you move out of view.

Source: THE VERG

Approx. delivery date: spring 2015